"I love Ducks!"-Vezon singing

Vezon was a famous singer.


Vezon was always known as "special", by most people. He had problems. He had spent most of his life in a cave with his pet spider, Fenrakk. It had taken him most of his life to get up the 777 stair staircase. He then got ticked off at the cave designers so then they fused his head with the Ignika as a prank and then hancuffed him to Fenrakk. Vezon liked to fart in the Piraka's airvents and sung lame songs. The Piraka kicked him out so he began to cry. The Piraka hit him with a pece of chicken and told Vezon to get out of there house. So he made a CD called "Home for a Toilit" but no one buyed it! Then he saw Matoro‘s butt and got eye cancer. He was later eaten by the Matoran Nui who mistook him for a Toa of Light. He died in the Matoran Nui's intestines. Vezon's body was later digested by Takanuva who ate the shrunken Matoran Nui.

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