Vhisola was, quite possibly, the dumbest matoran that ever lived. she once thought that a lighter and a can of gas was a straw and a can of soda. she got the lighter( turning it on) and shoved it into the can. it blew her into a zilllion pieces, and destroyed her apartment. however, the Ignika, ( in mask form) while running away from the inika, camped in Vhisolas apartment. when it touched one of her body parts, it brought her back to life. however, the piece that it touched was her brain, so it made her the smartest matoran ever. she woke up making a new theory of relativity, which got einstein pretty mad. after walking onto the street, she accidently bumped into a hobo, knocking down and breaking his arm. she was captured by the Order of Mata Nui, and handed over to Gaaki for Death by Educational Television . she managed to escape using brutakas bike, but when she got out onto the street, Dezalk slammed into both her and a hobo, killing both her and himself. their bodies were burned by the order of hoboes, to pay for hurting those hoboes.