Visorak were spiders who were a common ingredient in Mutran's soups. They later escaped his restaurant and snuk into a video game store, robbing it. They later robbed a mcdonalds and like the food so much that they became obsessed with it and tried to takeover all mcdonalds in the universe and turn all employees into hordika. Teridax saw potential in these creatures and brought them into his house. They bacame the Brotherhood of Makuta's pets. They were poorly fed and wanted to takeover mcdonalds and become millionaires so they, destroyed all of the furniture.Teridax decided to make them popcorn. But they hated it and escaped trying to takeover mcdonalds again There are six breeds and one extra special breed of these horrible creatures. Read at your own risk.

Keelerahk-Liked to put earplugs in the freezer and feed them to Kapura. obsessed with chickenmcnuggets

Oonorahk- The most mentally challenged breed. Had the ability to turn into Yoda for 15 minutes. obsessed with mcribs

Boggarahk- Hardcore vandals. Liked to throw tomatoes into neighbor's yards obsessed with fries

Vohtarahk-Had the ability to eat 14 burgers and not get fat this serves them well obsessed with big mac

Suukorahk-The breed that always messes around in school. Many of them got their fingers cut off in shop obsessed with happy meal

Roporahk-Had the ability to throw rocks at people in the head from a 200 foot distance obsessed with salad

Kahgarak-The big guys that liked to pick on the little guys. They, like the Vohtarak, had fast metabolisms to where 14 burgers won't make any difference whatsoever. He leads the battles to takeover mcdonalds and can blast them restaurants with lasers and webs. He stole Wakkos catchphrase and got sued by the warners. He has no home since he lost. Whenua got mad when Kahgarak broke his favorite toilet tree bag and threw a rock at him. He sometimes has to have food shoveled into his mouth

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